Our Grow

In our 27,000+ square foot facility, housing 6 LED flower rooms outfitted with 500 grow lights, our team of OGs with decades of experience and an obsessive passion for quality consistently turns up the heat to bring you the best cannabis products the world has to offer.

How Do We Do That?

The simple fact is that we care. We care about cannabis. We care enough to go to great lengths to acquire rare and sought-after strains to bring to the people. We put in the painstaking work of hunting for our own top-level genetics. We focused on improving our process and environment, investing in state-of-the-art equipment and cutting-edge technology, and researching the cleanest inputs before bringing 3Lefts into the world. We put in the time to bring what we know works to the people.

The Highest Standards

What Separates Us

Our genetic catalog derives from the market-based demand within Michigan and other discerning, mature markets. Within 2 weeks of obtaining our cultivation license, we have put together a roster of over 100 strains. Ranging from hard-to-find exotics such as Runtz or Bacio Gelato to award-winning classics like Super Lemon Haze, 3Lefts is committed to bringing you the best of the best.

Best in the Industry

With nearly 4,800 seeds planted, our team is working around the clock to select our own, exclusive, in-house cultivars unique to 3Lefts. Our first harvest is scheduled for late September 2021 repeating roughly every ten days thereafter.