About Us

3Lefts is our “exclusive” brand of cannabis products brought to you by the Arcanna team in Ionia, Michigan.


Whether it’s offering the hottest retail products on the market, cultivating the bleeding edge of new-to-market strains, or processing thousands of pounds per week into end products, 3Lefts is centered around one thing, and one thing only: Quality.

With the focus on “quality first,” we believe all things fall into place. The people steering the ship at 3Lefts have an unyielding passion for cannabis and all things related.

Our Roots

In 2019 a group of individuals with a cumulative 4 decades of knowledge and experience in the retail, cultivation, and processing spheres of the cannabis industry met to discuss their shared dream. Their past success in high volume wholesale and retail hydroponics and extraction equipment outfitting, their shared passion for quality, and their ability to navigate the choppy waters of regulation sparked an inevitable partnership. Together they set forth on a mission to apply the sum of their knowledge to the evolving world of legal cannabis.

Countless hours have gone into perfecting our craft. As our own biggest critics, we ensure nothing enters the market that we would not consume ourselves. The highest standard of quality, guaranteed!

Our Facility

3Lefts is currently grown, packaged, and processed in a fully vertically integrated facility. At the front of the facility is our dispensary, Arcanna. From inside the dispensary, you can view two of our state-of-the-art grow rooms. The back of the facility houses our mother room, nursery, and processing operation.

Our dream is to carry our quality-driven mindset beyond the state of Michigan while expanding our in-state operations by diving into infused edible manufacturing and increasing cultivation.